Bhagalpur (Bihar)

Bhagalpur (भागलपुर, बिहार) is a city and municipal corporation in the state of Bihar, India. Bhagalpur is one of the oldest districts of Bihar located in the southern region. It is situated in the planes of the Ganges wash basin at the height of 141 feet above sea level. It is the third largest city of Bihar. It covers an area of 2569.50 km2. and lies between 25o-07' - 25o30' N Latitude and between 86o 37 ' - 87o 30 'E Longitude. It is the administrative headquarters of the Bhagalpur District. Bhagalpur is acclaimed the world over for its silk products and it is known in India as the "Silk City" Famous for its Tussar Silk & Tussar Saree. Bhagalpur is the distorted form of Bhagdatpuram (meaning city of Good Luck) as it was called during the flourishing of the Anga Kingdom, and has been the seat of power since.